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International Forum of Creators of Family Homesteads

Place - Ukraine, Volyn region, Sports and health complex on the Shatsky lakes.

The date is July 9-14, 2019


We invite you to participate in the International Forum of Creators of Family Homesteads, which will take place on July 9-14, 2019.

The Forum will provide everyone with a unique opportunity to share experiences and information between family homesteads and settlements that are created around the world, as well as the opportunity to provide the world with a new worldview and lifestyle that has already been successfully implemented in many countries.

The Forum will be a great opportunity to show the new outlook of people and society, our common achievements, and plan further steps to develop the community of people who create the future of the Earth.

One of the main tasks of the future Forum is to establish effective interaction between settlements and family homesteads of different countries, to create a common development strategy for peace and prosperity on the planet.

The Forum invites all residents of family homesteads and settlements from near and far abroad, as well as all readers of books by Volodymyr Megre.

In the Forum program:

- International scientific and practical Conference "Family homesteads - a new worldview and the way of the formation of peace and prosperity";

- Round tables on practical experience in the development of family homesteads and settlements, examples of successful entrepreneurship and local economics, education, eco-construction and life, garden and city, as well as other practical issues of life in family homesteads;

- Exhibition-Fair of products grown-made in family homesteads and settlements;

- Master classes on crafts and occupations from the inhabitants of family homesteads and settlements;

- A holiday of water and health;

- a round-the-game program, bard concerts, a disco, movie shows, an evening of acquaintances for finding your halves and many other surprises awaits you at the Forum of Family Homesteads.


To apply for participation in the Forum can be found at the link: https://goo.gl/forms/XcL1Yc8nYNtbYjMo1

Registration fee: free, participation in the fair - free, accommodation - at the prices of the sports and recreation complex (will be indicated later).

A contribution of everyone in support of the common cause is welcomed !!! (Financial support, volunteering or any contribution for the benefit of the general public)!

Participating in the Forum - we create our common future!


Organizer: International NGO "International Commonwealth of Creators of Family Homesteads"

Place: Sports and health complex on the Shatsky lakes.

Shatsky lakes - one of the largest groups of lakes in Europe, included in the National Park "Shatsky lakes".

Lake Svityaz, which is part of this complex, is the largest lake in Ukraine. Its depth is 58 meters, and this is much more than in the Sea of ​​Azov or Carpathian Synevyr. For the depth and area Svityaz (27.5 square kilometers) locals call it Ukrainian Baikal. In addition to Svityaz, Shatsky Nature Park includes twenty-two other lakes, including Polemetska, Pisochnoe, Krymne and Luki.

The most attracted to these places is the crystal clear water of Svityaz and Pisochnoe. People call them "Blue eyes of Volyn". Moreover, the water of these lakes has long been investigated, and it is known that it has a health-improving properties, due to the hydrocarbon-sodium content with a slight mineralization.

Coniferous forests, healing mud, pure water, generous gifts of the forest - these are the reasons why you should come here!

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